The Gate short film made in UE5

Hey everyone

Is finally released the first part of my short film series.


Greetings @MR3D_Dev; I hope you’re doing well! Thank you for sharing your wonderful short film “The Gate” here in the Unreal Engine Forums. A lot is going on for our knight protagonist in this introductory short film. The ending went pretty much as I imagined it would for me in his situation; spot on. :laughing:

The animation, assets, and environments look fantastic; how long did it take to create this part of the series?

Took me a week to put this together once I figured out how to use motion capture, but the longest part was building the set for the gate since I had 0 concept art xD


Wow, you work quickly! The gate looked terrific, by the way, especially impressive knowing you didn’t use any concept art to create it. :star_struck:

Kudos again on the job well done!

Hi @MR3D_Dev, It is looking great! Specially the forest part, I do like it a lot :heart_eyes:. Thank you so much for all that knowledge shared out there in Youtube !!!