The game room (VR Game)

Below are some screens of a game I’m working on at the moment for the Oculus rift. You will be able to look down on the player as he navigates a room full of zombies. Its at a very early stage right now but I plan to add different ways you can kill the zombies using items that can be found around the room including being able to enter a toy buggy to mow down the zombies. I will release it as a free demo when there is enough playable features for feedback.








Here is a very early gameplay video showing basic game mechanics. Replaced the Mixamo character with a custom and added animations.

As my 1st major project I am looking for some feedback as to what you think so far and tips on what kind of gameplay elements you would like to see in the game.

New update showing more game play and HUD elements and also Oculus rift gameplay.

After holding a competition on reddit I have changed the name to Household Heroes.

In my experiences with the rift (I own both dev kits) these types of games do not sit well with my stomach. I think this would be very cool as long as you were watching from 1 point in the room. Maybe you can move in for a closer look but for the most part, when the camera moves and is not attached to a body or starts unrealistically moving through objects it throws people out of the immersion. I think you have a really cool idea here but I don’t know about the moving 3rd person camera.

Yeah. Maybe you should add a “fixed camera (3rd person)” mode that’s not rotating / moving with the head.
Had the same problem with Quake2VR. The initial VR settings are that the view is moving separately from the weapon and crosshair. I’ve almost instantly puked and turned it off.
Maybe it’s working better with 3rd person view, but that was just horrible.

Ya I need to set up a blocking volume for the camera but it works surprisingly well in 3rd person. It uses the vr camera mode when in 3rd person so the camera only follows the player and not when the player turns which reduces the sim sickness hugely.