The Game Kid - a handheld, Raspberry Pi powered, retro gaming console

Hey Everyone,

So recently I came across this awesome kickstarter project called the Game Kid - It is basically a game boy but more powerful, more open in terms of development, uses a distro of Linux called RetroPie which is great for Emulation and stuff.

Specs as per the kickstarter page -

  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+, B+ and 2
  • Configured for RetroPie to emulate all your favorite consoles and Pi games.
  • D-Pad, 4 Front Buttons, Start/Select/Option, and 2 Trigger buttons
  • Built in Stereo Speakers and a Headphone Jack
  • 2500mAh Battery (lasts ~5 hours with an A+ Pi), rechargeable by Micro USB port
  • HDMI out! Connect to a TV and add USB controllers for a portable multiplayer game console!
  • Functional Raspberry Pi mini computer! Just add a mouse and keyboard.

Here is the Kickstarter link if you are interested.

That said - It would be awesome if we could get unofficial UE4 support for this awesome little device. :slight_smile:

Why there is no analog stick ?

Because there are 4 usb ports at the top and you can plug in your own controllers with analog sticks.

That said - It is supposed to look like gameboy :slight_smile:

I was going to be all “Why!?” and then I saw it was by Robot Loves Kitty, whom I adore for their indie pluck and creativity. So at the very least I am emotionally backing this project!

Ha glad you found this, I work with them in an office great people and great project!