The game Industry in general.

I’m a old school gamer I’ve been around the video games quite a while: before war gods. I want to know how people feel about the industry today. I’m use to a game being 60 dollars and you get the whole game and that’s it. “like wow” 100 dollars for the full game and it’s not the full game keep selling stuff ??? It feels like I’m subscribing to Netflix or something. Also a console almost every other year just like wow??? I’m not getting old I just don’t like the fact I’m getting played every game console my day brought the amazing wowww look how much better then the old: especially when the ps3 came out just amazing.

Does anyone else feel frustration from this or just going with the flow? I’m older now so I should be able to keep up with the games today… But for a kid that sucks.

Faced with xbox1 or 360 shopping choice last xmas (same price). Went with 360!
Why? The new console can only play old classics if they’re reissued / re-released…
That’s a problem as many Studios closed, so true backward compatibility is a lie!

Then there’s consolidation by large brands / publishers pushing out mediocre crud…
I liked PGR racing, it had the right balance of arcade vs skill, but the Studio closed…
Then Forza Horizon series took over, where cars fell thru landscapes at one point!
The physics were generally horrible, and the landscape variation was pretty bland…
Was this progress in driving games? No, it was choking the market to push sh*t!!!

But the ‘slippery slope in lack of value’ started on Consoles quite a while ago imo…
COD for PC had bots, zombies, custom maps, how long til Consoles caught up??

Overall game dev changes your relationship with games, along with expectations…
No time now for games w/ nanny starter levels, or cut-scenes that aren’t skippable!

I loved the cut scenes it felt like I was playing a epic movie. Like metal gear a cut scene came and you was just wowed every time, Just looking like wowwww =00000. And at the same time gameplay being amazing. I couldn’t afford the ps3 somehow someway I got one for one hundred dollars on craigslist telling me the hard drive just broken hoping it that was and and thank god it was( their kids wanted a wii so I was just so lucky). That console was amazingggggg!!! This time around it’s not about gameplay but graphics which is =/.

Is a bloody unfair place to work in case you value the old-fashioned life of a salary-man (own a house, have wife and kids, etc).
I’ve read somewhere that “good parents won’t allow their child to study and work in games”… I kind of agree;
If you can’t stay away, be very ready to pay the price for working on game software development.

Geez, I do value those “the” old fashion lifestyle. But I love this career I’ll have to make it work or something. Thanks for the heads-up

But I must stay if you study harder the work is easier =0.