the game in beta version does not launch on my galaxy note8

the game works very well on galaxy s8 +, and on my tablet galaxy tab s2.
On the other hand on the note8 the application closes.

Does the ue4 engine support the galaxy note8?

Do you have a logcat from the note8? I would expect it to work.

Thank you for responding quickly
the game also works on my galaxy note4

I have downloaded the game Unreal Match3 it walks very well on my galaxy note8
But my game (speedboat) makes more than 350 mo, so it is in two files (1 .apk and 1 .obb). Maybe that’s the problem on the note8?

here is the logcat (if you want the long version of the logcat (7 mo) ask me)

Ok, the OBB should download from the store when you install the APK but if this doesn’t happen the game has to do this with the downloader activity. Unfortunately there is an issue with this if you have the Target SDK set to 23 or higher having to do with ownership of the file and access permissions. From the log I see you set the Target SDK to 25 so this may be what you are running into. This is a bug in Android which requires restarting the device after the download to fix the ownership; after a restart you should be able to run the application.

The workaround for this is to request the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE runtime permission even though you really shouldn’t need it; this lets the game access the OBB immediately after download. I’m working with Google on alternative solutions, but the workaround in this AnwerHub does work:…-to-obb-p.html

I already implemented this code, because before it did not work on my galaxy s8 + nor the other phones.

If this code is missing the error is different, the screen remains blocked on the image.
On the note8 it leaves the application immediately it is not the same.
(in addition I already restart the phone but it does not work)

Do you have another idea? thank you

No, it should work. I have tested on an S8, not an S8 plus, but I wouldn’t expect any difference.

Is there any progress?