The game I can never finish

Well, I’ve been working on this game for about 8 months but due to a sudden and fatal harddrive failure, i’ve lost all of the progress files. I know, I know, I should’ve backed up. I’ve shed my tears over it. But anyway, thought I’d share some of the production pictures. Hope you enjoy!

The game

The game was to be set at least a decade into the future after some kind of breakdown of mankind. No, the game wasn’t about surviving hoards of zombies, but it was very survival based. There were city streets to explore, every home was explorable including some of the stores and smaller shops. A fully functioning road system (and working cars if you’re able to salvage gasoline) and a very large map to explore. One thing I aimed to get right in this game is true night time darkness. You know when it becomes night in games and you can still see everything? Not in this game. You’re gonna need a flash light or you’re in for a rough ride at night time. You can make any building or shelter you find a semi permanent or permanent base. Your body reacts to the changing weather cycles. If you get an infection, you need to find anti biotics. You cannot sprint around the city all day, you will get tired, slow down and become fatigued. Looking after yourself is extremely important in this game. There was added woodland behind the suburban area that lead out into a more rural farmland area and I had also started on an underground system, shut down rail ways that could be fully explored. Building interiors that I was working on were hospital, library, office block, apartment, hotel and an aquarium. I was still writing the story and objectives for the game and hashing out smaller details. The main enemies in the game are the weather, illness, wild animals, other NPC’s (Or people if playing online) and a very unpredictable environment.

The following pictures are simply development process pictures of a single street leading to the final result. The rest are other pictures I managed to salvage from my email. Feel free to leave feedback. - Steve

Wow, this really breaks my heart…can hardly imagine your anguish man. This looks great and the premise sounds fresh and awesome.
D’you plan to ever make this a reality? Or you still undecided on that?

Pretty much undecided at the moment. Still feeling all woeful and sorry for myself. Every time I open UE4 and see that I need to start all over again (still have all my assets that i bought, but still) it just intimidates me and I leave it alone. There will come a day where the urge to build comes back and I can start to rebuild again. Who knows, I might build it better next time from everything I learned. Still, I’m glad I’m not the only one to know how it feels to lose months of work. Thanks for the feedback, Surya. :slight_smile:

Backing up my Harddrive now… :eek:

Haha, I don’t blame you. Back it all up. Lock it in a safe. Surround it with sharks.

I may try to rebuild in the future but as of right now, I’m still feeling sorry for myself. Haha. I’ll start it again when I’ve mourned the loss of everything I’d done.

I can understand the pain when we cannot finish our game, this also happen with me and now my half done game is just a dream. But I will also get back someday and will make it done for sure. :slight_smile:

Your game is looking awesome, it’s for me looking like Resident Evil and it’s really very cool, I do want you to finish this game so that I can also try my hands on it. Very nice graphics.

I know how it feels to loose months of work, i lost an almost finished mobile project some months ago, now i back up every week and major releases.
Perhaps you’ll re start the project, as you’ve done it one time it should be faster next time. Good luck.