The game doesn't start if the spawn point is far from the center of the map.

I have an island of 4km x 4km and when I click play at the edge of the game it doesn’t start.

Does someone know ho to fix this problem? I guess it’s related to the world start position.

It doesn’t seem to make any difference if I use tiles with world composition :frowning: The game doesn’t start when I’m far from the center anyway.

p.s: Also if I try to walk to edge of the world, the player controller stops to work.

ok people, now I need to know something very important… Is it possible to make an open world game with the unreal engine 4? I’m finding so many problems… from the world origin to the foliage system, multiplayer, frame rate and more…
Is the unreal engine 4 the correct engine to make a very big free roaming open world game?

Shouldn’t you be using level streaming? Almost any engine has problem with maps of this size, that’s why we do level streaming. Skyrim does it, Fallout: NV does it… Heck, even oblivion did it. You’re making one single huge map?

I dont know if it is the best engine to create open world games, but it is possible :slight_smile:

Take a look at those threads. It has beend discussed several times e.g

FPS rate:
-use culling
-use level streaming
-use low poly meshes
-use mountains, hills,… stuff that blocks the view
-good lod’s
-a good amount of meshes

How big should your map be?

Which problem do you exactly have with the foliage system ?

Is your player start abov ground level? Is it intersecting with geometry? The very first thing I do when building a map is move the player start to the very edge and I’ve never seen this unless the capsule is partially submerged or intersecting with other geometry. Which means your character is spawning with the powers of Kitty Pride from the X-men - which of course, is impossible in UE4. Lol

I’m trying to stream my landscapes, but when I play they don’t match each other like in the editor.

Am I suppose to stream landscapes?

I tried to stream the foliage, but that doesn’t work too… All foliage disappear if i try to divide the landscape and the foliage in 2 different levels.

This post explains everything about my problem…

Will we get a better foliage system in 4.6?