The game crashes on android, please help

Developing my first game. Everything works fine in editor and windows, but when I load it on android it sometimes crashes. Namely when I load levels, upon death, loading, going to the next level, menu level.

I attach the logs. Hope it will help if I collected them correctly. Crashed at about 18.06.50

For some reason I cannot add the file txt

This attachment is not permitted because the file type is invalid. What does it mean?

I’m not sure what to recommend here other than that you go look at your code and see what all of these things have in common. You might be able to backwards construct the problem by just converting one part to a simple open level node (assuming that’s what you are using to move between levels) and then see if that crashes. If it doesn’t, then add in more code and test that and so on. In theory you would eventually run into whatever is causing the crash.

Also, you said “sometimes” it crashes, but if it is always the same level or area that crashes when moving to it, you can check your packaging settings to make sure that you have included all of your maps (if you are using the kind that only puts specifically listed maps into the build).

Thanks for the answer! For the second day I have been trying to figure it out. The fact of the matter is that it crashes completely randomly. Sometimes everything works fine. But when it crashes there is always loading of the level. Perhaps this is something with my system loading data from the save. But when I go to the menu and it crashes, nothing is loaded.
I thought maybe the logs would help to understand, but I don’t understand anything there.

Hi, I had the same issue. I find out it’s becouse of Print String functuons at the start of my levels. So you can try this:
Go to Config folder in your project and open DefaultEngine.ini file and add this:

; This is the startup state of the OnScreenDebugMessage system

Hope, that help you.
Good luck.