The future of LPV in UE4

Hey Epic, I was just wondering what your plans for LPV in UE4 are going forward. I saw the thread by froyok that showed how to enable the current iteration of LPV, but it is not a full solution yet, and I was wondering if you guys planned on adding to it and making it more robust in the future. I think you could reasonably make it the SVOGI-replacement, and allow the user to turn it off in game settings. That way, those with fast computers can use it and developers can still let lower spec computers play the game too.

The implementation was provided by Lionhead, so it’s possible the ball may actually be in their court.

Really? Lionhead did that and Epic put it into the main branch? That is interesting!

It’s to the benfits for both sides.

It’s to the benfits for both sides. Having a feature integrated in the engine means we maintain it with the other features and improving it can now be done by both parties.
The feature is still an early WIP implementation and need some extra work to be a usable feature.


I havent got a chance to try that because i dont have a shader model 5 GPU. :frowning:

So can we get a sense of what the timeline on improvements is like, or do you guys just no know yet?

Still would like an answer on this…