The Fox and the Girl

FYI: The game isn’t published yet, but it is already done.

The Fox and the Girl is an episodic, exploration driven game that plays as a children’s book for kids between 2-7 years and up, that can be enjoyed with their tutors. I’ll be uploading a link to the HTML5 version of this game eventually.

The constant use of mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones, and desktop computers and other related services are children leisure activities, which mostly generates distance between them and their parents, as well a lack of interest towards reading a physical book.

The idea of this game, is through a mobile and desktop application create a medium for kids to have a timeshare with their parents and get to enjoy a short story. Since tablets and computers are the resource used the most by the target audience for recreational activities. I believe this application will satisfy the target necessities since it allows to adapt traditional child stories or provide new ones and eventually give the chance to modify and add custom content to them via an editor.

The game provides tools for the player to feel involved and get a feel of “reading a book without reading it”, due to interacting with the character, different narrative situations found and other utilities that in turn make possible the inclusion of parents in the story, helping their children by reading texts, dialogues and problematic situations that appear throughout story. For large and children younger parents, this alternative is also useful as a tool to share quality time with the children and can have educational purposes to reading lessons in schools.

For now the game only has the Chapter 1 of a custom made story, my objective is to adapt several classic children stories, add new chapters to our current story and add the possibility of modding the game for parents -or even the children- to create their own custom stories.

I admire your intent behind the game and I can see its merits … but I just felt the need to comment.

Firstly let me say, the game looks nice and I think the concept is good and I can definitely see children being enamored with the graphics and story but …

… is what concerns me. You are trying to address a problem by creating another problem and although your intent is admirable it is actually going to perpetuate the issue as you perceive it. I personally ensure my daughter only gets 1 hour a day on her LeapPad or watching TV … thereafter it is social interaction by playing with Legos or Arts and Crafts. Every night she goes to bed, we read a story to her and we never question her when she wants a new book … we do however always question her when she wants a new DVD.

I think if you focus on using the story to maybe help parents spend more time reading to their kids … maybe partner up with a printer and get books printed with the story and try to work that in your game.

Anyway, just my take on the situation.

I like the art style you have and I am keen to see the tools you have alluded to … good luck with this. 8-}

Thank you! But actually you just responded yourself mate: “I think if you focus on using the story to maybe help parents spend more time reading to their kids” That is exactly the point of this app. I know there are parents like you who goes into that kind of parenting, which I for one encourage, but for young parents (those who are teens and those who are still in university) it’s kind of hard to actually relate to their kids, this happens also with elder people who felt way to behind this new generation.

Hey guys! here’s the HTML5 link :smiley:

I like this idea and the visuals look nice. You should let know about this.

Hey there! Thank you for your support, I’m not sure how to contact them, but I will! :smiley:

I loved the art and concept of the game, and I could see the potential of you providing micro-transaction to buy “story elements”.
It would also be a nice idea if you could allow people to share their stories online so other may download them.