the Fortnite lobby to the Fortnite hub

so I been thinking on how to improve something that’s been nagging me and I have come to the conclusion that when you lunch Fortnite you shouldn’t be put into a lobby with the item shop battle pass and all of that it over whelms me a lot and I end up backing out so here is what I think the item shop should be thinned down a lot a will be taking ideas from ROBLOX because they have the right idea so first the shop should only have skins player skins the second is remove the lobby until after you lunch a game for instance I load into the Fortnite hub I should be able to browse 4 main things the item shop just skins the games the locker just skins and vbucks so let’s say I go looking around the games and I’m just like hey I want play Fortnite battle royal then I click on that it puts me into a loading screen because it launches Fortnite battle royal then we get put into the Fortnite lobby the battle pass shows up the in the item shop gun wraps cars and only battle royal stuff shows up in the shop the locker opens up to show more stuff for the game things like Lego or jam tracks are removed from the locker and item shop as to remove clutter if the people decide to play Lego then they go into a Lego lobby were only Lego stuff shows up in the locker and item shop so the locker would have the kits and Lego skins only and the item shop would only display Lego stuff same thing for rocket racing and Fortnite festival when it comes to creator made games the player can choose tags that will show what all can be used in there game so if they chose idk the shop tags for skins and cars then those will be the only thing in the shop and so on. the reason I am bring this up is that Fortnite more than just a battle royal for new players that launch Fortnite for the first time they will be so overwhelmed so I purpose the Fortnite lobby gets removed and replaced by the Fortnite hub which would be like when you launch ROBLOX you have recommended and so on without a lobby being in your face yelling play the battle royal and I also feel this will help players last longer since the games they want to play will not be so hidden or obscured by the battle royal lobby

after talking to my mom about it I’ve come up with better ways to improve what i mean basically only show what is needed so when you first load into Fortnite have it set to nothing only have 4 tabs open the vbucks the item shop displaying only skins and bundles nothing else show the locker and have it only display lobby tab and skins and show the explore tab add in a new profile tab/home tab that will display only fav games and games with your friends in and your friends also this should be the tab you’re in when you first launch the Fortnite hub when a player selects a game they should be able to go straight into it or party up and that’s the revised idea

@Mrwoofwoof03 Thank you for your feedback. While I cannot guarantee a response, I can confirm that this has been forwarded to the appropriate team.

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