The Floating Sanctuary

Hi everyone! I’m Elena, I’m 23 y/o and this is my first time posting on the unreal community. The Floating Sanctuary is currently my final project for the videogame art master I’m currently taking at UA school, this project will take around 2 months, so I’m really excited to show my progress here!


I found inspiration mainly on my love for celtic, polish and norse mythology, along with eldritch magic and fantasy themes. I’ve always loved seeing shrines and mentions of deities and magical forces on games, such as The Witcher, the last God of War, Monster Hunter, Dragon Age, The Elder Scrolls, etc. So I really wanted to make something that captured that kind of wild magic of old, with deities that walk among their people as bringers of balance.

Having said all that, my idea is mainly inspired by the feels you get when you’re playing a game and suddenly walk into something magical, bigger than yourself and that gives you that slight feeling of being awestruck and uneasy at the same time, not knowing why or how that place came to be.

Enviroment and assets

To create this specific kinf of enviroment I will sculpt most of the assets on Zbrush and then texturing in Substance Painter so they can be accurate to their enviroment and story. Once that is done I will age some of them whike keeping others fairly new, giving the sancturay that feel of old yet still present on people’s mind feel.



Hi, nice job, it looks very nice.

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