The flight of EL-Koro, Animated short

Part 1 of 5 of an animated shortfilm , based on a robot named Roro and his mission on board his ship, EL-Koro. All done with UE5, Maya and Substance Painter.


I have seen this video already on youtube it is quite a nice one but was unable to find the other parts if you know then please give the link.

Hello there, @JeffMD !

Such wow! Such cyberpunk! Such brilliance!

Your animated short is beginning to tell a story without even having to use any dialog. It makes us eager to see and learn more! We are introduced to Roro and his ship with “El-Koro” painted on it. The eyes of Roro and the painted name on his ship give me the impression that he is a friendly fellow. I super look forward to seeing what his mission entails, while riding along for the next adventure! Thank you so much for sharing your creative works with us and for using UE5 to do it! :muscle:t4:

What would you say was the most daunting part of creating these series of films?

@Get_DOVAH_it Took the words right out of my mouth! Thank you for sharing the beginning of your 5 part animated short, “The Flight of El-Koro,” here in the UE Forums! You and your team are doing a fantastic job with every aspect of this project! The characters, the ship, the interior design of the facility, every element within this short screams “attention to detail!” I saw the “Meet KOKO!” video posted on your channel was dated six years ago before this recent post. Does this mean you and your team have been working on this creation for a little over six years?

Thanks! The 2nd part is coming soon!

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Thanks @Get_DOVAH_it ! Glad you like it. The main hurdle is using unreal engine as this is our first time to do it and have to learn it. But it’s so worth it!

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Thanks @Zezkaii ! We started the idea 5-6yrs ago and have to put it down because of some constraints and not feasible doing it while working during the day. Thanks to unreal engine, I saw the possibility of making it happen because of real-time capabilities, that it can be done now and I no longer need to worry about rendering.


Happy New Year, @JeffMD , to you and your team ! :partying_face:

Wow! This is your team’s first time using the Unreal Engine?!! :exploding_head: What an amazing feat! Everything looks so polished that I cannot tell you all are new to the engine! Yes, it is so worth it! How soon could we expect a release of part 2 in the forums? We’re dancing with anticipation!

Also, I must ask. What is your highest goal for this extraordinary project? Are you only isolating it to YouTube, or do you have a broader reach in mind such as Netflix or Disney?

This is terrific news! I’m so happy to hear the Unreal Engine made this excellent animated short a possibility and an easier one at that. Happy New Year to you and your team! I patiently await the 2nd part of “The Flight of El-Koro’s” release. :sunglasses: :+1:

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:exploding_head: Wow I really like this, you’ve definitely earned another fan here :slight_smile:

Out of interest how long did this take to make? and were there any setbacks that made it take longer?

Happy new year @Get_DOVAH_it ! Thank you!

I hope to release part 2 in March pending the availability of the crew. Right now everything is just funded by myself and I have to hire / pay people to do the other tasks I can’t do most especially animation which is a challenge. Also be careful about my resources and funding as this are all out of my pocket.

Yes in the future I hope it gets picked up eventually if it clicks for others, that would be extremely good if it happens.


Thank you! Took me around a month or 2 total to complete this full time. Learning unreal, and others things to make it to be unreal compatible was the hardest. Like rigs, baked animation , set ups etc. as I use it more, I get faster all the time.

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Thank you, few animations more and would be able to release part 2.

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Wow @JeffMD !

It’s extraordinarily remarkable and commendable that your’re funding your own destiny! :sunrise:

Exact-a-mundo! Since you are self-funding, account management is of the utmost imporantance. Have you considered also seeking voluntary help for animation (and any other category that you’re not as familiar with) and also crowdfunding?

As a self-admitted Disney/Pixar fanatic, if what you and your team have created using UE5 is any indication of what’s to come, finding the audience, market, and investors interested in your work should not be a problem. What you have given us thus far is like the first time I saw the Wall-E trailer. This is very much giving jaw-dropping, advanced tickets, anticipating March for the next release! :smiley: Wishing you and your team the most abundant success and continue to “Make Something Unreal”.

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Is it’s second part available now?

Not just yet! Jeff mentions that they hope to release part 2 in March, pending their team’s availability a few posts up. Finger’s Crossed that everything works out so we can witness part 2 soon! :grin:

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