The Flanking System: A Completely Modular Flanking Solution For AI

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The Flanking System is a completely modular flanking system for AI characters. It is ready to use in multiplayer games and projects, as all required systems are replicated.

System Design

  1. The AI can move, flank its current target, attack and defend.
  2. The AI will strafe, whilst facing the player at all times. Because of this, the strafing should result in the AI “orbiting” the player, or moving around him in a circular manner.
  3. The AI will move forward / backwards (closer / further from player) when needed.
  4. The AI will attack using custom animation sets (each user can use their own animations).
  5. The AI will have a set of attack animations that may vary from AI to AI.
  6. The AI will enter a “defensive” stance, in which it defends against an attack.
  7. The AI must have a method through which it can be “notified” that the player is attacking.
  8. When the AI is notified of an incoming attack, we need to be able to tell the AI which direction it is coming from: Up, Bottom, Left, Right, Top-Left, Top-Right, Bottom-Left, Bottom-Right. Depending on which we notify him of, a specific “defense” animation plays from the animation set for defense.
  9. If the AI is in the process of attacking, defensive mode should not be entered.
  10. The AI will have an “Aggression” variable, a float from 0 to 1. The closer to 1 it is, the more frequently the AI will try to attack the player. The lower, the less frequently.

Ultimately, what we’re dealing with is simple AI that can move relative to the player, attack if not defending, and defend if not attacking depending on some variables (like“IsBeingAttacked?”, for example).

Preview Video The Flanking System: Showcase - YouTube

Technical Details

  • Multiplayer Ready
  • AI Behavior Tree
  • Flanking System
  • Attacks
  • Defense
  • Custom Targeting System
  • AI Perception
  • EQS (Environment Querying System)
  • Notifies that can be applied to ANY animation sequence or montage
  • Modular component that holds all the parameters used by the AI and player
  • Additive Animation Setup
  • Extensively documented and commented, with several tooltips on some variables
  • Aggression Parameter For AI
  • Customizable Animation Montages
  • Attack Types Enumeration

Number of Blueprints: 27
Input: (Keyboard: Press “F” To Attack as the player))
Network Replicated: (Yes)
Supported Development Platforms: (PC, Mobile)
Supported Target Build Platforms: (PC, Mobile)

Designed by: Alek Sinn
Developed by: Ibrahim Akinde

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