The fit PC/Desktop for development with Unreal Engine 4 and CG

I have a MacBook Pro Retina 2012 Late It can run the Unreal Engine 4 fine… but not at high resolution mode (High Resolution Capable). In this mode is very lagggg
and I have one big problem is a MAYA 2017 for student version (be ran on macOS Sierra 10.12.5) I can use it for 5 minutes then it shutdown program and delete workspace automatically everything is gone.

Now I think my MacBook doesn’t fit with CG.
I think about which one is the best for getting started with Unreal Engine 4 and creating models between PC or iMac

I interested in CG and I plan to study at CG in the future (Master in Computer Science) if I have a chance.
Today I want to try something for beginning like create objects, models, characters or effects first. then bring all to Unreal Engine 4 for graphics

If I am sure I want to walk in CG way but today I am just a beginner and I do not study in CG program (just only now)
and I have a purchasing power only 1,299$ (maximum and very very very very expensivee for me)

I look at iMac 4k minimum spec with (Radeon Pro 555 with 2GB video memory) that is enough for me?

I look at iMac because it can a installment 0% up to 10 months and aftermarket care is ok and It’s a all-in-one PC with 4k display.

If this iMac is very bad ideas for CG and the Unreal Engine 4 please give me completely informations to buy others such as CPU should be … Ram should be 16GB … graphic device should be Nvdia … or computer brand model 1234 and the rough price

but this should be with me for loooooooonnnnggg at least 5-6 years++

thank you everyone who help me decide

If you have limited funds, then a Mac is not a good choice, they are not a good value for the hardware. Instead, look into gaming laptop PC’s or a desktop PC which should be well within your budget and run very well.

You can get a really good high end desktop pc for around 1000$

Can you tell me about that spec pleaseee

All-in-one PCs are highly unlikely to be suitable for game development, then there’s the whole issue of being on a Mac and discovering half your software only runs properly in Windows.

Aim for an i5/i7 quad core, a GTX970 as a minimum, and at least 16GB of DDR3 memory (or AMD equivalents).