The first person Char and adding 3rd person char to project

In version 4.24 they removed the skeleton mesh and replace it with just arms and hands. Is there a way to replace the arms using the skeleton mesh? Last thing
Is there a way to add 3rd person char to my first-person project?

Iceman, I’m a noob myself so there might be other ways to do this then I know,

  • You can add content like the ‘third person’ blueprint by clicking add new (green button) and selecting the top most option ‘add feature or content pack’.
  • What I did with my first person shooter is actually using a new ‘third person’ project and placing the camera on the meshes chest. There are tutorials on youtube on this subject

Thank you. I didn’t want to create a new project because of all the work I have done. I check the other option from the green button. No option is in there that says 3rd Person Char.

You could create a new 3rd person project, and then copy the contents of the “Contents” folder of that project on top of your own “Contents” project.
This will include the 3rd person blueprints, which you can open up and look at, and the reference to the mannequin, which you can copy into a second “Skeletal Mesh” component on your first person character.

Thanks for the info. I’m sorry I forgot about this post. The forums doesn’t seem to have working email. Anyway I all ready added third person to my project.