The First Ninja stealth game looking for animator based on profit share finish cinematic for funding

Me and my team are looking to hire an animator based on profit share. We are looking to create animations to finish a demo level and cinematic which we will use to apply for funding and Epic Mega Grants. We have a scenario planned that requires animation work. This contract also includes general animation for the game beyond the demo level and will also allow the chosen candidate to switch to a contract role if they so choose after funding is successful (otherwise it will remain profit share). We are working Remotely.
Animation work is to be carried out on a currently rigged mesh however rigging skills will be needed for new characters that have been made recently. We will be using sequencer for the cinematic.
We will be applying for funding and Epic MegaGrants. We would have done so at the end of this month, but unfortunately our previous animator has been unable to continue due to Covid-19.

Location: Remote Work


Team (all on profit share):
Me: Programmer, Designer
Jhonat: Concept Artist, Historical Researcher, Designer
Beck: Modellor
Thiago: Modellor, Level Designer
Idyllic: Level Designer, Music Composer
Jester Fries: Modellor
Ashley: Music Composer
Luka: Music Composer

Previous animator is unavailable due to sickness. New animator will remain apart of the team if previous animator returns. Profit share will NOT be affected.

Any Questions please ask.

Also message on forums or reply here.

Our deadline for the cinematic was the end of this July but we will likely push that slightly.

I am interested.