the first interior Scene demo with UE4

Hey folks,
Here is the first interior Scene demo with UE4,frome noon technology
Scene design and 3D modles is from network

now is update the video


very nice ^^

Absolutely beautiful -What an amazing living space to visualize!

Looks incredible. Thanks for sharing!


If you have a better suggestion, we can do it better :wink:

we will do my best


If you have a better suggestion, we can do it better

thank you,we will do my best

Wow wonderful, this surpasses many works using VRay. But seeing this in a release section, I was expecting to see a download link to enjoy such amazingness :frowning:

I think it looks fantastic! There’s very little wrong to critique, if anything. Would be nice to have a link to a video “flythrough” to get a better feel for the space in it’s entirety.

OMG!!! That looks awesome!

The indoor stuff looks really great. Love the clean lighting and materials. The outdoor skies are too blown out for my taste, it never looks like that to the eye in real life.

Keep up the good work!

Amazing work wskj! I have to agree with Steve on this one. I think a video flythrough of this project would be fantastic. Keep up the great work!

Looks awesome can you upload a walk through video.

Incredible, I almost thought this are real photos :smiley:

thx,we will release the download link later

thx,the video is making in progress

incredible , i agree for a video tour