The First Emperor

The First Emperor
The First Emperor of China Qin Shi Huang believed in immortality and the elixir of life and around 200BC he ordered the alchemist Xu Fu to take some of his finest warriors and go on a quest to find the elixir and bring it to him.

In this RPG you play as Xu Fu as you travel through ancient China in search of the elixir.

Choose to make friends with the local inhabitants or use force to acquire what you need. The use of force risks making enemies of the local inhabitants although this could help you make you friends of the enemies of those you attack.

Villages may request help in return for their help such as rescue an inhabitant kidnapped by bandits or attack an unfriendly village. However the truth is hard to find as many cannot be trusted. If you fail to see through the lies you could be headed towards a trap … What do you do to those who betray and lie to you, your decisions have consequences.

Historical Fact:
In 1974 Chinese farmers uncovered pits containing thousands of life sized Terracotta warriors near to the Mausoleum of the Emperor Qin Shi Huang. Historians believe it is a form of funerary art created to protect the emperor

However as Xu Fu you discover the truth behind this vast creation and why the Emperor required such an extraordinary collection of Terracotta Warriors.

Facial Expressions
The game uses facial expressions to highlight a character’s mood, if you look closely small tells may let you determine if a character is telling the truth or not.



That’s some cool character models you have! Looking forward to more posts about more of the game other than characters

All characters have face morphs which I’ve been adjusting to get the right mood feel e.g. look scared when threatened or aggressive when provoked.

Also the characters will need to respond to questions asked and sometimes they will lie. I’m building in subtle clues that may indicate a lie.

Here;s a video of some characters and face morphs in test.

Interesting … Still working on Zulu?

Its run its course

A short video of the AI’s basic sword fighting abilities. The more advanced capabilities for the AI are still to be coded.

Also in the video the player also has climbing abilities and the walk movement automatically detects steps (as per the video) and plays an appropriate step anim.

We’ve added to our AI’s baseline sword attacks an ability to climb some objects and then jump at an enemy from atop of the object, this was a little trickier to implement then expected. It requires further refinement but thought I’d post a short video of an AI attack with the climb and jump

Sent you a PM once, asking about your last project, but maybe you don’t want to talk about it…
I feel strongly that you should release it in some form, it was just too good an art-piece alone! :slight_smile:

I recall the PM, I thought I replied ?

I did release ZR :slight_smile:

Just checked and I can’t see the PM in my inbox nor can I send you a PM?

The forums have been on & off the reservation, maybe its related to that. :stuck_out_tongue:
Any more info about not being able to PM. Is ‘private message’ grayed out?
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