The File menu changing content depending on other factors is confusing.

This is no longer an issue for me, but here’s my experience for the last hour or so.
Might be long. I don’t care and I can’t tell. I’m frustrated. Don’t have the patience to read? Don’t. I’m not going to TL;DR this.

Working on a project, it’s not going well. I’m having issues that don’t make any sense. I decide to start over, and see if it goes better; I’m learning, so maybe I set something up wrong. I click File, and…where’s the New Project button? It’s not there. Weird. Okay. I know I’ve ticked the Load Last Project on Start box, so I know I need to turn that off. That’s in Editor Preferences->Loading & Saving, right? No. Apparently it is not.
Okay. The Internet surely has some answers!
Except the answers are conflicting with what I’m seeing.
“Just hit Open Project, it’s there.” There is no Open Project.
“Just go to Editor Preferences, it’s there.” It is, as mentioned, not.
There’s a short thread that started in 2016, with a post from six days ago.

In frustration, I start clicking things. Why not, it’s what got me here. I’m clicking around, reading menus, getting more and more confused, more and more irritated, and then I finally…somehow…end up changing my layout. Okay. Still don’t understand how I did that, but I ended up switched to the Minimal_Default panel, where before I’d been on a Blueprint.

At this point, I’m just hoping I’ve misread something. Skipped over something. Whatever. I click File again, because that’s where it would make sense to find something, even though I’ve already checked it several times and there wasn’t anything useful for my situation, just Open Assets and a collection of Save options-

-And there, lo and behold, is the set of options I was expecting. New Level, Open Level, New Project, Open Project, the works.
I click Open Project, untick that box, and begin trying to wrap my head around the situation.

So here’s what I think should be done:
1: I don’t know why “Load Last Project on Start” is not in the Editor Preferences → Loading & Saving menu. It should be, because it makes sense for it to be.
2: While I can understand much of the menu changing as the user switches viewpoints and focus, I don’t understand why the File dropdown needs to stop having New Project, etc, because I’m on a Blueprint page. It should not stop having those. Period. It’s unnecessarily confusing, and led to the last hour and a half of wasted time and frustration, feeling like I was just stuck with a project that was more irritating than anything. Having to fumble around like I’ve been doing just made me feel like I was going to have to uninstall and reinstall, delete files, all sorts of excessive measures to be able to start a new project.