The Fear Hunter "The choice is yours"

Hi,The Fear Hunter is a project of a game.It’s my first project in UE4(Thanks Epic).
The game is to overcome personal fears.Break your Own paradigms and Limiting Beliefs.
If Your Life Were an RPG, What hero Would You Be?
Be the hero you want to be in the game and in life.
If you can’t find a way to pursue your passion, create that path.
The Fear Hunter creates his path.


Love the ruins, really cool.

One thing I’d take a look at is the lighting, it seems a tad bit off , or it just might be a combination of the sun’s direction and the color of ruins (I just expected more shadows :P)

Thanks for the feedback,Jamendxman3.

Another image.

Hi,new postprocess.Please comment i need feedback.

Ruin textures make it difficult to differentiate between objects. Last screen is much better but still a bit of a problem. Looks good otherwise

I agree, need to do some texture work to help differentiate the flow of geometry/structures. Looks like all the same texture right now, I’m guessing you’re going to need a few different textures to clear the scene up a bit. Looking cool though!

Thanks,I’ll go to work on it.

Ah yes that’s what it was, that’s why the lighting looks off.

These ruins are a pain in the eye O.o its like someone took a luna sharpen level 100 and just spilled it all over.
Take of the AA and give all the textures a relaxing color layer attaced with an ADD node. That should partial fix it…
And the shadows should be way darker to actually see some light ^^