The FBX model is not displayed on HTML5

I created project in the following steps.

  1. Create the new empty project.
  2. Import the FBX Model. ← This model exported by Maya LT 2017.
  3. Set the camera. ← Quick Start Guide to Player Input in Unreal Engine CPP | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation
  4. Set Default Map to my map in Project Settings.
  5. Set Build Configuration to Shipping.
  6. Do Package Project HTML5.
  7. View the local server (HTML5LaunchHelper.exe).

But, I can’t find the FBX Model on HTML5.
Would you help me?

UE4:version 4.14.1, 4.12.5

*On Editor

*On HTML5 (Google Chrome, Firefox)

self-solved (maybe…).

The cause is the number of polygons.

Model A (this is the model in the picture) : 8061 polygons → not displayed

Model B : 812 polygons → displayed


WebGL supports the same limits on the number of polygons than native builds do, i.e. up to 2^32 vertices. It is difficult to say what might have been the cause in the original model. Perhaps it was using a material that was problematic for web browsers, or the model was not created from triangles, but from quads or something like that? If you still run into an issue, try checking out the web page console if there are any WebGL related messages there. Also curious to see if UE 4.15 would have any issues with the model.