The Far Cry 4 Discussion thread

Hello Guys i am very Excited for Far Cry 4 (as you could probably tell by this name of this thread) this is a disscussion thread where i get to talk to others about this sweet game Bring on November 18!

Someone already played it? Is it worth the money? :slight_smile:

I say it is, the map is huge and there is literally too many things to do! Plus it runs well on my 660 ti with the settings on high, it should work good for you too. I’m only a few hours in but so far it has been great! :slight_smile:

If you liked FC3 then go for it.
I personally don’t like FC3 at all, no reason to get FC4. Ubi games are usually boring. Like whole assassins creed series, first ones were new and interesting, later on things change but it’s following the same pattern over and over. Far Cry 2, 3 and 4… Same quests and all. But still if you liked 3, then make sure to get 4.

Well said Max-Dev, let me clarify:


If you enjoyed Far Cry 3, you will most likely enjoy FC4, it is more of the same (although more difficult) invading outposts, climbing towers, hunting, looting etc. The story so far has been pretty underwhelming, but is a standard fight for the underdog type of affair. Graphics have improved quite a bit, foliage (which looks great) is denser, there is huge variance in altitude, animations are really well done (human and animal, especially the animals) and it is fun to play. A couple negatives would be the skybox/dome is not impressive I still have not seen any rain, I have seen snow only in an inaccessible region you go to during the story so far, and the clouds always look the same. The water is disappointing as well, especially looking down at water, underwater is actually really well done. But the surface of the lakes/rivers look like a totally flat plane with 2 panning normals in opposite directions but otherwise totally motionless. Maybe using UE4 is causing me to be more aware of these things now that I know how they are made, but it seems like a step backwards from FC3’s ocean.

Is it worth $60? That’s tough to say without playing more of it, but it is almost worth it from what I have played. If you are having doubts wait for it to go on sale for $40, at that price I would say for sure it’s worth it. :slight_smile:

Thx guys for the answers. :slight_smile:

Actually I like Far Cry 3, but I asked because I thought that Far Cry 4 is probably a little bit different, but from the description that you gave it sounds pretty similar :stuck_out_tongue: So I think I will just wait till the new one gets cheaper.

Same here… since I started with game development I have another view on the things in games → sometimes it’s pretty annoying because you get distracted very easily + **friends **= look at that amazing water **me **= hmm, a plane with two panning normal maps :smiley:

One cool thing about Farcry 4 is that it comes with a map editor. It’s probably the best way you can reverse engineer some of the stuff they did. The foliage in the game looks amazing.

I pirated it and played for a couple hours. Then i stopped couse ill wait for it to be cheaper to buy it, i think its a good game but not for 60, more like a 30-40$ game, and i would have bought it if it wasnt for that UPlay DRM-ception madness, having to deal with Uplay makes me actually prefer to pirate it.
For that first impression, i can say the game is more like farCry 3.5, the engine is the exact same, the animals are similar, enemies are the same, and weapon handling its EXACTLY the same, also with the takedowns, wich even have the same animations.
In that case, What do you get for your money? A new campaign, with funny characters(lol that 'murica guy or the crazed weapon dealer priest) , nice missions, and a new world wich is gorgeous, i found myself not even using the fast travel becouse i liked to run from place to place in that cool scenery, wich massive cliffs and everything. The elephants are OP as hell, and if you see a rhino, better run(i threw 5 arrows and 2 grenades to one and didnt kill him). The 2 missions in the himalayas i did, with everythting is white and you cant see ****, are really good.
In short, if you liked Farcry3, this is a must have and you should buy it right now, as it improves on everything farcry 3 did.
If you didnt like farcry 3, then you probably shouldnt get it, its still really similar.

I also got “free demo” version (ie. pirated it) and I am happy I did this. I watched intro and played it for 5min, this is Far Cry 3 in Nepal. Not sure if i want to buy/play yet another game like that, for sure not at 60$ pricetag. They also ruined multiplayer, so I am waiting for 15-20$ price on this in a year or so. Or for moment they make multiplayer worth it. I hoped for Fc3 multiplayer with real lobby, custom maps and less hassle while connecting, but got that weird multi coop instead.

Autodrive!!! :slight_smile: