The falling man (short movie UE5)

Hi everybody… In such hard times I would like to share a small short movie done in UE5, Houdini plus Photoshop and some AI add on.

Here the Artstation project: Artstation “The Falling Man”

Here the notes:
“Have you ever dreamed that you are falling?”. The uncertain times we live in certainly resemble this nightmare we have all had.
THE FLYING MAN is a personal and heartfelt reflection on the horror in Ukraine today, with special attention to the civilian victims. It is also a critique of the fetishization of any tragedy. Images of conflicts are transformed when they reach the media to help us remember and understand, but unfortunately, sometimes they are also exploited and end up stripped of their meaning.
The short film is rendered in Unreal Engine 5 and post-processed in Adobe Photoshop using AI techniques.

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thank you for support!

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