The Eyeland VR : Our first real estate demo for DK2 !

** UPDATE to V1.1 for Oculus Runtime **

Hi folks,

Before starting,** i want to thanks everyone for helping us to bring this project to life, we needed !**

I’m working @RManVR, a new french company dedicated in VR and RT environment production.
We are glad to share with you our tech demo “The Eyeland VR”, made with UE4 specially for VR and oculus DK2 (it works actually with or without DK2 but everythings are optimized for VR)
We had finished it months ago, but our website wasn’t ready yet.


The main purpose was to have a full real-time environnement, interior and exterior, with everythings ready for VR with a decend quality. We don’t have lost time for shading and texturing, it’s not photorealistic.
But its actually running very well at HMDSP 150 with AO and some post-process effects, AA at 1 and more on a gtx 780ti.
We added some basics interactions like changing materials, teleport, change atmosphere etc.

More infos there:

Trailer :

Le’ts share with us what do you thinks about it, bugs and more !!

You an try a seconde demo “the EuroCopter” specially done for VR too, here :

Enjoy !
Thank you

Great job with the interactivity. Wish I could test it with a Rift!

This is truly amazing I cannot wait until the full release of VR

what do you mean ? its actually a release for VR, compatible Oculus :slight_smile:

looks great :slight_smile: I like the trailer cut as well


A lot of peoples tell me to build the demo for the last runtime 0.8
The demo was made with UE 4.7.6 with the runtime 0.6.1.

The problem is UE 4.9 crash when i try to open the scene, nothing more i can do…
Any help maybe ?


You need to update your drivers as well as the rift firmware. You will want to get the experimental VR specific build from the nvidia website

can you develop more please ?
I have to install the last official driver ? or an specific one ?
What do you mean by updating the rift firmware ? There isn’t an update firmware in tha last runtime (i have the 0.8 installed)

I tried everythings (a blank project in 4.9.2, and a progressive migration of the content), it always crash, any help is appreciated.

Hi guys,

We finally release a new version supporting the last Oculus runtime V for PC only.
The build was done with UE 4.10, every things if fine ! BTW, the problem was the Post-Proccess…

V1.1 - for PC only - Download here :
The Eyeland VR


This looks extremely promising! Keeping a close eye on this, super excited for full release