The Explosions Mega Pack is now released!

Hello everyone,
It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Explosions Mega Pack is now available on the Marketplace here:

Powered by SideFX Houdini 3D - the industry standard for visual effects - and built exclusively for Unreal Engine 4, the Explosions Mega Pack represents the ultimate toolkit for creating stunning pyrotechnic effects inside UE.

It is ready to use, easy to customize and has everything you need to make you own unique explosions, including 48 complex Particle Systems and 354 Particle Emitters to be used as building blocks.
One of the greatest challenges in VFX is to create effects that work well in different lighting scenarios, so we added the ability to change the time of day in our Showcase Map - go from day to night and in between to see how each effect looks. You can even slowdown the time and watch the explosions slowly grow.

Created from terabits of data, this asset pack is the result of many months of work and hundreds of hours of simulations and we hope you will enjoy using it just as much as we enjoyed working on it.

See the full list of 500+ assets here:

Technical Details

The Explosions Mega Pack includes the following:
**- 48 Unique Particle Systems **
Built using multiple emitters these are ready to use pyrotechnic effects representing everything from small bangs to earth shattering explosions.

**- 350+ Unique Particle Emitters **
These are the building blocks for creating complex explosions and include sparks, embers, fireballs, smoke, etc

  • 3 Super Massive Explosions **
    Setup with the UE4 Sequencer, these sequences combine multiple Particle Emitters and Particle Systems to create complex massive multi-detonation explosions.

**- 57 Textures **
42 unique texture sheets + 15 regular textures. The texture sheets go from 1k to 4k depending on the size of the effect.

  • 9 Materials & 62 Material Instances

**- 21 Meshes **
Concrete, wood, metal and paper debris.

**- 9 Blueprints **
Including Sky System with the ability the change the time of day and slowdown time, Grenade that can detect if an explosion happened in the air or on a surface and spawn the appropriate effect, Pyro Grenade that spawn fire effects on props that are at a certain distance and more.

Hope you’ll like it!

These effects are simply beautiful. Will be picking these up in the future for sure. Hope to see more quality particles from you! =)

Thanks John!
I see that many people requested a nuke explosion to be added to the pack and I’m currently researching how to do it. It’s quite a challenge due to the size and the long duration of the effect, which in this case would require large texture sheets that would eat a lot of memory. But it’s a great challenge that I hope I can tackle with soon.

I’ve made a list with all the assets included in this pack that you can find here: The Explosions Mega Pack - Public - Google Sheets

This looks amazing 0.o If any of my BOOM! customers ask for recommendations for where to get some nice effects, I know where I’m gonna point haha!

I also would like a nuke cloud for sure. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words apoisonedgift!
I’ll let you guys know how the nuke is progressing once I get started on it.

[USER=“750652”]Advanced Packs[/USER] did you ever get the nuke working/added to the pack?