The ergonomics of click-drag to connect nodes

Hi all,

As a relatively new user of UE4 I’ve got used to click-drag to connect nodes. But it’s been brought up to my attention how this is really not ergonomic, and can lead to carpal tunnel among other issues.

A simple way to fix this in UE4 would be to click-release to pick an output, then the output arrow would follow the mouse cursor until you click-release it on the destination. That way the hand does not press for long period of times. What do you think?

Yea that’s right. The current mode is easier to use I guess, but it would be nice to have an option to change the mode to “click-release” for people with an injury.

I think that’s a very minor thing considering all of the other actions that you have to click and drag

Yea that’s true. But most times there is an alternative way where you reduce the stress for your wrist.

I think this would be great, especially since my mouse at home tends to like to play funny business and not register that I have clicked and dragged!
I would like to think this might be a quick and minor change but who knows!