The Epic Games Launcher Doesn't Work!

I download the launcher, I then run the launcher, it waits a moment until it says “This installation package is not supported by this processor type.” I tried it again and again but it doesn’t work. (PS: I’m running Windows 10) Can you please answer me because I reeally want to create a game! :3

The launcher requires a 64 bit operating system. If you are seeing this message then you are probably running a 32bit version of Windows 10.

i have 64bit version but still does not work

@aksu32, sorry you are having issues. Check out the troubleshooting guide and start a new thread if you continue to have problems.

No, The launcher will work on 32bit Systems. I have tested on windows 7 x86. not on 10.

You are correct, the launcher can now run on 32bit versions of windows. At the time this question was put forward it required a 64bit version of windows.