The Entire Engine.

I am a person who like to have absolute control over all the programs on my machine.
I want to know where everything is including the ocx files and the software keys.
It allows me to optimimize the performance of my machine to it’s maximum potential.

So when I started using your Engine,
My C: drive almost croaked because your engine forced me to install the example contents. Didn’t allow me to choose.
And since I made a new project I figured it would go into the E or F drive. But No. it literally choked the life out of my C drive.

My first suggestion for the next patch
Make everything including the AppDATA files be customizeable at the intial installation stage

The other thing I noticed is the god awful demand it has. Again it depends on a scratch disk of sorts.
My second suggestion for the next patch
Make it so people can set the amount of disk space to be used as a scratch, and the location

Isn’t the example content optional from the source? Did you download from there?

For now, you can move the Content Examples(or any other project you download & create) folder anywhere you like and open it up with its own .exe instead of the Launcher.

p.s. That green is awful, if you want to get your point across I suggest using readable fonts (and colors) at the least (much less using literally correctly…)

This is something I brought up on the answers website, the workaround is to use NTFS junctions/symlinks.

Sorry about this! We’re definitely planning to offer customization of where your individually installed engine versions go to, as well as where sample projects are initially placed, in a future release. Bare with us as we work out some of the rough edges – we’re listening to your feedback!


An option for changing the DerivedDataCache location would also be highly appreciated! My main drive C:/ is almost filled and naturally the DDC is constantly growing, I would like to relocate the DDC to my E:/ drive where UE4 is installed as well.

It sure needs some change, but meanwhile, when creating a new project, just choose the root folder at the bottom of the page.

As for the example contents, you could use the junctions as was suggested, though what I did was just moving them aside my own created projects on the other drive, and while you can’t open them from the launcher anymore (who needs that anyway, lol), everytime you open UE4Editor, it lists ALL those projects for you in the load project panel. Hope this helps.