The engine that makes everything possible, but with a workflow from 1998?

…unreal doesn’t allow me to take over folder structures of assets, prepare standard PBR materials for each mesh automatically and so on.

Hi, I am moving from Unity to Unreal too, or at least I try. However, my issue stops exactly at almost the same point, because I need to migrate an ordered structure of minimum 30k of meshes with their textures, which is in total 360GB of material in total. And there is no direct way to adopt such folder structures, plus having a automated PBR material creation when importing. As a matter of fact unreal puts everything in a folder, or only accepts massive direct drag and drops, where everything has to be open in a folder for unreal to accept it, and afterwards you have to arrange everything manually . The mesh import options window no checkbox that allows the applied settings for to all the other incoming meshes that need to imported, to have at least not that window pop, since the import options are the same for each mesh. And then the next time consuming step: I have to tie every piece of material together by hand?

How am I supposed to get everything in unreal that way, if I have to import each antenna, trash bin and all the debris peaces, cans, vents, fences, benches, and so on > 30k! Then I have 100 clicks and I will need over 3-8 minutes for each object, that has to be structured in unreal as well! Then objects made of multiple meshes. OMG next horror! Everything gets separated O_O My FBX file isn’t arranged that way and there is no software on this world that explodes the FBX internal structure for its own “logic”, except unreal O_O There also doesn’t seem to be an addon that allows for a structured mass import and automated standard PBR material generation for each object. etc.

The engine that makes everything possible, but with a workflow from 1998? -.-

Have you tried editor blueprints, or the Python scripting option?

Unreal obviously can’t know exactly how you would prefer certain things to be arranged, but it gives you all the tools necessary to customize the workflow to your liking, and automate the vast majority of the actions you need to take.

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And yes, Unity is the biggest crap of all, but the import solution is top notch in comparison, where unreal is too handicaped to deal with more than 2 files at once?

Because if it could talk, it would sound like this:

“Please let me just disassemble a pack full of drag and drop files, sort of, chop them anyhow into a folder before you can do anything with them. And no sorry that everything is a mess, because it’s YOUR job to settle it afterwards, and my job is to make it a mess!” And the materials, what are you talking about? Of course you have to create them all by yourself, for each mini mesh that was exploded and saved anyhow, somewhere. Search, click, think, click, and btw click, and click there, and click that, and no - sorry - you have to programm yourself the import options, before you are allowed to get creative!

  • Exploding Objects inside a FBX into multiple files O_O woooooot? Who told you that?

  • There is no “do it for all” checkbox for the next upcoming files *click everytime, for each stupid FBX. I need one import setting for all? “we don’t give a f…!”

  • no automated standard material creation > do it yoursef
    “but it’s a standard PBR!” Answer: “We don’t give a f…!”

  • No possibility to take over large folder structures

and so on…

The system looks like it is designed to only build stuff from scratch!

You have programming abilities, which I don’t. I am an 3D artist with over 35 years of experience. But I am not a programmer. But no matter, it’s still the case that Unreal can’t do that by default. But it should, because my case is a case for anyone coming from another engine. And I am pretty sure I’m not an special sausage with this demand. This has nothing to do with a beginners creating their 1st mini game. And still I have to assemble my own import framework?

Even this forum is a confusing mess!