The Engine changes my collision setting after colliding against Destructible Mesh

Hey beautiful community !

TL;DR: My character has his collision profil changing when he collides too many times with a destructible mesh, I provide a video.

I have a strange bug and I would like to know what is happening inside the engine. I have some destructible meshes in my game. One of them is a barrel. That barrel uses physics so my character can interact with it and makes it rolling. I made it so that it only can be destroyed with my character weapon. Sometimes, when my character collides with it and manage to go through, it looks like the engine changes my collision setting and my character nor his weapon can’t interact with the world anymore.

I did a video to illustrate that :

Here you can see that the character is colliding at the very beginning, making the game quickly stutter and then, my character can go through almost everything but the box he encounters on his way.

It would be great if someone could explain what is happening here. Nothing shows up in debbuging tools of UE.

Thank you !