The enemy is not moving toward the patrol points

I am trying to get an enemy to patrol around patrol points. When I drag the patrol points into the level from the content browser the enemy moves to the patrol point. However when I try to spawn the patrol points using a Spawn Actor from Class node the enemy does not move to the patrol points. Does anyone know why?

How is the enemyBP getting the location of the points? When you spawn them into the level you need a way to feed the location information to the enemyBP to “know” where to go for the moveto to work. Can you post a screenshot of your BPs?

Here is a screenshot of the Spawn actor from class

The spawn transform needs to be given to the enemyBP in order for the moveto to function correctly, can you post a screenshot of the moveto in the enemyBP? Once you spawn the patrol points their location information needs to be sent to the enemyBP in order for the AI to be able to move to those locations.

I use the move to in the behavior tree

Gotcha ok, then you need to get the location information of the spawned point and feed it into your blackboard so that the BT can use that information to update the location of the moveto. There are several ways to do that, you can put it in your patrolpointBPs on begin play so that once they spawn into the world they send there location information to the blackboard for the AI to use or you can add it in just after the spawn event to update the blackboard. You might also want to add an “on value change” in the BT so that when the blackboard values change the BT will respond accordingly