The elephant in the room - what GUI options are there?

Ok, from seeing what happened with Unity, I can see that one of the biggest issues with UE4 right now is that there’s not real GUI builder/library available.

Obviously commercial clients used something like ScaleForm, but that is off the table I would think. So what other options are actually viable?

I’m kind of spoilt by using a half-decent UI library called DFGUI for Unity, so I’m looking for similar functionality (has a gui editor, has proper binding, has half decent layout control etc).

I guess whoever does a good job of doing 2D UI stuff for Unreal will get plenty of love in the marketplace too :wink:

Are there any options currently?

I’ve been looking at a few options:

Also, this looks interesting:

RadiantUI will also be debuting in the next couple weeks, another HTML5 based UI solution.

Yeah, RadiantUI looks great too. Hope it’s released soon!