The Editor Window Freezes when Switching Screens

Hi there,

This is more of post to know if anyone else has experienced this problem to know wether its a UE4 issue or just my computer running amok again ^^

I work with two screens, one laptop and one external.

When i switch a UE4 window from my laptop’s to the external, it sometimes simply frozes, i can’t interact with it anymore nor move/resize/minimize the window. Most times this doesnt happen, it seems to occur on a random basis, one out of 30 perhaps. Closing/reopening UE4 solves this.

+ more precision: the window continues to render and i’ve tried with the main/BPeditor/matEditor/TextureEditor windows. Havent tried about the others, but probably acts the same.

! What i can do is move/resize the window using AltDrag (program that allows the Ubuntu’s alt click window disp/resizing on win7, pretty usefull, though i disable it while using UE4 bc it conflicts with the alt click functionality to remove a connection from a BP node)

I’ve noticed this pretty much since i’ve been using UE4 (so 4.4) and i just recently installed AltDrag, so its probably not the problem either.

Again, this is only to know if anyone else is experiencing this and wether or not it should be reported as a bug later on.