The editor is crashing frequently

I am making my first test level. I am using blueprint first person shooting preset and I didnt add blue print at all.
what I did is just making a big room and adding UE4 basic assets like celling light blue print. But I’ve got almost crash every hour.
It is too often. First time. I thought it make sence because UE4 is new engine so it must have many bugs.

But Every hour crashes are too serius for making something.
I’ve wonder other people also get crashes like this often.
I am using i7 2600K cpu, GTX 560, 8G RAM. My GPU is not good enought actually because it was set for a programmer.
Do you think my low level GPU and low GPU RAM(1G) make this crashes?

OMG… It seems I can not change the title of the thread and even delete it. It was mistake but I cant change it. My actual thread title was <Too often crashes>

Don’t worry about the thread title and post this at AnswerHub with your crash log please. I don’t think it’s GFX insufficiency unless you have a quite large map so it should be something else.

My level is tiny. it is only 2000x2000brush size. I was making a room. Not world.


Please follow the link Jacky posted to the answerhub for further assistance. On the answerhub post you make, please provide your crash logs and your dxdiag. Thank you and have a great day!