The editor is a resource hog....

WTF? i was fooling around in TestMap and decided to save a version of mine with a few objects added here and there for future testing. The editor took forever to save the test map with a few added objects and only to crash because out of memory RAM. Then out of video memory. LOL WUT???

What kind of unoptimized software is this? i have 8Gb RAM and 3Gb GTX780. What is there so intensive in TestMap level that eats not only 8Gb of RAM but even the videocard 3GB VRAM. This is pure insane. I would have understanded if it was an uber giant map filled with materials and stuff.

How are we supposed to mod this game if we cant even save a sample map? what is the editor doing exactly? i have tried lots of editors from UE2,3, Serious Engine, CryEngine. I have never see such unoptimized behaviour. And for saving a simple empty map.

This is CRAZY!! any tips? do i need a NASA PC just to save a simple empty map?

It was mentioned that it will take awhile for things to be saved, renamed etc for new editor.

I faced the same thing too. Opening an asset will take abt 5mins to load. After opening a few assets, it did not lag anymore. Maybe they have been loaded in cache?

i have a 1.5go gtx 580 and 8 gb ram and never did the dev kit crash on me. did you let him do all the compiling before starting editing thing? (load all the map one time :wink: until it don’t compile anymore :p)

i play with the testmap too since it is a fairly low loading time map compared to the other :stuck_out_tongue: and loading it take more time than saving it for me :s

i’m thinking that one of the thing you add was having an issue somewhere did you change some value in them? (did try one time to generated complex collision, will never do that again since i did need to hard reboot the PC to regain control ^^)

Jackalox, it can take a while to get the editor to fully open up. After you get it installed, you want to wait for the for all of the shaders to be compiled. Doing anything while this compile is happening will very likely over-load your computer. I have no problems with the devkit (only 1gb of VRAM, 16GB of RAM though), but there are a few times that I definitely have to slow down.

I did waited for the compiler to complete. The editor seems to be extremely slow. Even when trying to add a mesh or material to the map it will sometimes freeze for up to 30seconds or more, then i can add what i wanted to add. I really dont understand why is it so slow when doing such simple tasks.

Now when i start the editor, then load the test map and when i press alt+p to get into the map, for the first time again it freezes up to 1minute.

Is it because i use this on HDD (7200rpm)? is the engine optimized only for SSD? this is the only reason i can think of being so slow. Maybe it doesnt like HDD’s., thus resulting in long loading times. Thank you all for your kind advices btw.

I am also running the editor on an HDD, it could be that your CPU is getting overloaded and crashing. The editor can be VERY CPU intensive, so if you do not have one that is fairly recent (like at least 4-5 years old or newer) then that might be a big factor for you

This is Unreal Engine, a program designed for Game Design :stuck_out_tongue:

No one said it wouldn’t be a resource hog. No you do not need a “NASA” PC to run this. Does it help? Absolutely. My modding partner has lower specs than you in terms of GFX card (same ram), and does fine.

Also, it depends on what you are doing at the time when it eats up that much ram. Simply stated; every blueprint you open uses quite a bit of RAM/CPU to open keyword INITIALLY. Once opened it generally speaking will cache it and clear out the memory to free up room for other things.

It all comes down to blueprints in this case (mostly) if its happening when you click on a blueprint in the content browser. An example of some of the memory usage I see regularly in the ADK: The Landscape editor will sometimes get up to 16gb of ram or more depending on what I’m doing at times (only really cause I have that much ram will it use that much). With blueprints I see it commonly get past 8+ gigs.

Retail UE4 is the same way, and from my experiences with CryEngine, most things in there can be very intensive as well at times. All depends on what you are doing.

I don’t have any tips, because there isn’t any sadly. Game Design is intensive in general. Plain and simple :stuck_out_tongue:

depending on shaders items size painted components ect. this can take along time to load things i have a really big map and 32g ram and it sometimes takes a long time to load things a few helpers to get u running better are…

1: i unparked my cores on my windows 7

2: make sure nothing else is open in the background

3: set Priority to high for ue4 in taskmanager “details tab”

4: if possible make sure ur cores are available to ue4 when its open

all in all u will lag when it compiles thousands of new things saves massive textures loads alot of things its cause the engine game are so big and ur computer is so small for eg lol but just know that as u load things clicking bps maps ect it will preload them a bit and preload them even more for that session u have open of ue4. questions just hit me up wither here or ts :slight_smile:

they are a problem with unreal while compiling shaders, on my system, if I recompile all shaders, my game/editor crash 3 times until all shaders are compiled.

The problem is they are memory that seam to be not well managed, they are never released, so the memory go up to 5-6GB and crash when no more memory, I disabled swap drive…

So instead of going up it’s should reuse the same memory for compiling new shaders not just creating without releasing. I don’t know how unreal manage this but it need some improvement…

i have 32 g ram and everytime i compile it sits there doing nothing for a few mins its normal and gets worse the bigger the file gets

^ this is the same thing as me. Again I will re-state; this is completely normal. With less ram, yes there will be crashes. I get a decent amount of crashes at times and I have a fairly nice rig with 32 gigs of ram (I only spent ~$1600 on my rig, it’s really not half as nice as other peoples are honestly who are just gamers, and I’m trying to do Game Design). It’s going to be intensive and this is a new frontier in many ways, so keep that in mind as well.

def i got a pretty high end computer and alot of experience with ue4 honestly ppl are just lucky this isnt udk it was 10 times worse lol…

just think of it like this the game is a blank harddrive the more u put on it the slower it goes :smiley:

Did you maybe try looking at the settings in the dev kit? every setting is on epic and you have to modify your settings before you run things. Furthermore, my PC has 16gb of ram and a 4gb GT 520 card and mine crashes on epic as well, but once I scale it down it works perfectly fine