The Duel


I would like to introduce you a project we did in the summer, The Duel. We are currently mid-term of our university courses, at NAD. We made this project to extend knowledge gained during our first year and a half of school. We choose to have a stric schedule to determine our production capacity. Another thing we want to test, is to determine if we have a good team chemistry. We know this project some things to fix, but we had to respect our schedule. Any comment, critic, question and feedback are welcome.

The guy with the hood, his movements look great just need to speed them up. The barbarian dood, his animations also need to be sped up and also need to be tweaked. His animations at certain key frames look very stiff almost like claymation. Other than that everything looks fantastic. That environment looks SICK!!! nice job :slight_smile:

Speed up your animations and it will be gold.

Thanks for your comments, it’s really appreciated :slight_smile:

It’s certainly something we will fix when we will make our portfolio