The documentation needs a rewrite.

UE4 should not be this difficult to figure out. What’s holding me back most, I believe, is the documentation. I haven’t noticed any spelling errors but it’s not a smooth read. It’s full of logical errors, redundancies, bad grammar and syntax. Below is an example I took from here

Now compare that with what I wrote below.

I can help if possible.

That is oddly worded! Have you reviewed Mathew’s youtube channel? It has a TON of excellent stuff to watch…also, the tutorials on Unreal Engine’s youtube are also good… Agreed, their documentation could use some love.


Clearly not our best couple of sentences ever. :slight_smile: We have implemented a multi-step review process to help ensure the quality of the writing is up to our standards, but there is quite a bit that was published prior to that which may not always meet those standards. I encourage you to let us know when you come across passages like this so we can look at improving them (and use them as learning experiences internally). Also, the source for the documentation is available on GitHub so you can submit your own updates that we will review and merge into the documentation.

Thanks for the feedback and let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.