The direction of the jump and the character's movement to the right is the same and cause the animation to jerk [VIDEO]

(21) Jump direction and move right direction. Unreal Engine 5 - YouTube


I have a Blendspase for all movement animations and Animation Blueprint.

I found that the jump is done in the same direction as the run animation to the right. This causes a jerk to the right (the run animation to the right is played along with the jump).

If I add a check on “is failing” then the jerks disappear when the character stands and jumps, but if I start jumping in motion, the jump animation does not mix.

This definitely occurs because of the same Direction.

Please tell me how to fix it. Thank you.

Pastebin Event Graph AnimBlueprint posted by anonymous | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine

I still need help)