The Difference between Unreal Engine and the Studio?

Hey Guys,

Should I be using the Studio instead of the Unreal Engine regular?

Please Advise…


Unreal Studio is an offer (including a specific legal end-user license agreement), but it is not a separate piece of software by itself.

The Unreal Studio offer includes:

  • The Unreal Engine
  • The Unreal Datasmith importer and exporter plugins
  • Some template projects
  • Additional benefits like 100 free Substances

If you are interested in using the Unreal Engine for non-games use, and importing assets from other software like 3ds Max, Revit, Rhino, etc is important to you, then Unreal Studio will likely be right for you. But keep in mind, it uses the same Unreal Engine that everyone else is using.

And at a later time when it is out of beta, it will have a monthly fee.

I tell you what, can someone please tell me what template type games it comes with?

I can get my Models and other Static meshses in the Engine, but it would be nice if that process was more streamline.

I might look into this, but as of right now, I am having to much fun with Unreal 4 as is.


How much is the monthly fee?


As mentioned here it will cost $49/month when purchased as a annual subscription.

The studio version currently adds two templates that are more directed to help enterprise customer kickstart their projects: you get a product viewer template as well as a multi user template.

You can use python scripting inside the editor to automate your data import and scene preparation.

Streamlining this process is precisely what the Datasmith plugin is for.

Hey that’s not too bad!

Yep, I can see where the Mutli-user Viewer would really come in handy. I will be going Studio very shortly…

python scripting, wow that Robust and impressive.


Datasmith plugin here i come…Yep, I can also use some help in this department too…

Hello all…I’ve been using unreal studio for a while now and love it…it takes a lot of the headache out of the import process…but I’m wondering what are going to be the advantages moving forward when Raytracing is fully implemented…we won’t have to unwrap our UVs anymore correct?..we should just be able to import an .fbx or whatever and it should be fine…or am I missing something ?

Which brings up another question…vray for unreal was just released…is that going to be of any use now that we have Raytracing native in the editor ?

Without comparing the final result in terms of quality, the remaining comparison aspects are price. Later Unreal Studio will be $49 per month (annual subs) against $80 per month (annual subs?). Other comparison would be the effort on bringing what you need inside Unreal with both solutions and right now you are already familiar with Studio, so if you are not familiar with VRay than this adds up to the cost for you (time to learn costs).

Correct me if I’m wrong, UE4 will always be free and Unreal Studio will have a monthly fee? I’m trying to learn UE for personal reasons. Seems like a fun tool.

Yes, UE4 will remain free, and the current plan for Unreal Studio is an annual charge (although plans for Unreal Studio are still subject to change).

Will the product viewer template be available for normal UE4 as well? I really like it and I would like to explore the code, but I want to use it for a game and I’m not interested in this UE4 Studio stuff…