The difference between buying asset on marketpace as an individual or as a studio

I own a small studio. I bought some assets on the Marketplace before I opened the studio as a individual.

  1. Can I give this assets to my employees to work with?
  2. If one of my employees has bought some assets, can he or she pass them on to the rest of the team within my studio to work with?
  3. Can I continue to buy assets as an individual and not on behalf of the studio and pass them to my employees?

Of Interest.

4. How You Can Share the Licensed Content When It Isn’t Part of a Project
Except as otherwise stated in the Service-Specific Terms (as defined in Section 7), you may not Distribute Licensed Content in source format to third parties except to employees, affiliates, and contractors who are utilizing the Licensed Content in good faith to develop a Project on your behalf. Those employees, affiliates, and contractors you share Licensed Content with are not permitted to further Distribute the Licensed Content (including as incorporated in a Project) and must delete the Licensed Content once it is no longer needed for developing a Project on your behalf. You are responsible for ensuring that any employees, affiliates, or contractors you share Licensed Content with comply with the terms of this Agreement.

So yes you can share content, in good faith, as long as it’s part of the project in hand.

Thank you.

Does this apply to content owned not by me, but by my employees and shared to other employees within project?

Well you really need to read the entire agreement for the details but over all purchased content is bound to the needs of the project “in good faith” and as to fair use.

If Bob joins the team and has a collection of purchased motion capture files he can contribute the animations as part of the project, say building a movement system, as to “needs” of the project in hand.

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:rofl: Whose holding the legal liability ultimately? YOU or THEM?! In your place I’d purchase the rights to that if its transferable. And if not, buy it again under your own legal entity. To do anything else feels reckless tbh (cutting corners). :wink:

^This^ is nice legalese… As its a real FU line / poison pill. So… The responsibility falls on YOU in all cases really. So why else would you risk it… Where there’s doubt THERE IS NO DOUBT! All your questions are filled with dodgy assumptions which risk burning you later. If your team / corp fails then no worries.

But if you succeed, as the project grows people will come and go and then licensing will be in limbo. Then you have to stop and do a lot of time consuming auditing to figure out which assets you actually own, or can rely on, and you will miss some for sure.

BUT… Overall, you need to ask the Marketplace Team or ask a lawyer, as nothing posted on the UE forums is binding. IANAL applies to every reply in every thread on here. :wink:


I think I get the idea, thank you.
I also contacted marketplace support, but the answer is predictable :slight_smile: