The Devkit needs to be updated PRONTO!

The Devkit needs to be updated PRONTO! the last few patches to the game has broken allot of Mods because of the changes to the raft and saddle platforms. Dino mods are affected by this. All raft mods are affected. All saddle platform mods are affected by this. This is causing player to be stuck and unable to move, walk etc. on platform saddles or modded rafts. What in the world were you folks thinking?

I am having these issues on my color mods and my apex dino mod. This is extremely bothersome that there has been no official word on some kind of game update to hotfix this issue or releasing the devkit update so we can get out a fix to our subscribers.

Yeah Drake said it was going to be updated this weekend, so we know that’s not going to happen “This weekend”.

What were broken for dino mods?

My dino mod working fine.

Anyone worked out what the problem is and how to fix it?