The device doesnt support ES 3.1

Hello, i wanted to test my game on mobile and a widow showed up (you can see it in the screenshot). My question is how can i set up my phone to support OpenGL ES 3.1. ? Because now it supports only ES2 and i dont know how to packaged project this way… Thanks guys.

Hello Panteplak,

My guess is there is no available update for your phone? So if you don’t wanna get yourself into illegal territory with the act of cracking your phone, no, you probably cannot setup your phone for ES3.1, and I certainly do not recommend nor endorse such a behavior.

What you can do though is setup your project packaging, I’d like to point you towards those articles:

The packaging settings can be found under Project Settings > Platforms. Make sure you have the respective target platform build support, under Engine install options > Target Platforms.

For Android, for example, you should be able to build with ES2, ES3.1 and Vulkan support (‘Build’ settings under Project Settings > Platforms > Android). Unless something is preventing you from doing so (i.e. used rendering features). As of 4.23 ES3.1 is the default rendering level for mobile projects, so in order to support ES2 you should activate the respective option.

Hope that helps.