'The Deepened' Horror Character for Unreal Engine by Arteria3d

The Deepened…

A malevolent creature from the depths of the dark seas.

This character fits well with a horror inspired or fantasy setting alike.

Provided with 20 animations, set up in unreal format, so no need for any setting up yourself.

This is the first in a new line of Horror inspired characters we will be releasing. Thank you again to Forum Mods for allowing Arteria to post here.

Purchase at just $16 below

Great - would like to see a video.

Thank you for your interest, polease check out the video below

There are also some magic based anmations, such as casting etc - due to the nature style of the characters ive created, in that they are primal and from the deep, yet come from an old Magic era.


Looks pretty cool

Thank you, I value your comments.