A project I started last year I had to finish it and I managed to release it today!

Also wanted to join in the March Madness so** first 5 copies sold are $5 then next 10 are $10 then its priced at $20.**

Im a big Blender and machin3 user so I created and combined a set of useful decals (normal maps + stickers) with a BP spline system and now you can draw panel lines and create the sickest tech details on any wall or object.

I also spent a month ripping Cyberpunk 2077 apart to see how they made their Vending Machines and found out its similiar to how star citizen do it with these parallax mesh floaters.
The shader isnt expensive its very cheap effect and looks great.

There is also a shader inc thats a very simple damage lerp between a paint layer and rust and its a B&W map so if you unwrap your simple meshes and place this black and white damage image on edges or where you want damage it looks great. I believe thats how CD PROJEKT RED did it.

Ive really enjoyed working on this pack hope you guys enjoy it.