The Death Clock - A Creepy Pasta

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[FONT=times new roman]The Death Clock

		The Average Human Life Expectancy = 79 years.

		1 year = 525,600 Minutes of Life (Life Minutes).

		525600 Life Minutes x 79 years = 41,522,400‬ Total Life Minutes

[HR][/HR][FONT=times new roman]Time To Live:

		Current Age x 525,600 = Life Minutes Used

		Total Life Minutes - Life Minutes Used = Life Minutes Remain

[FONT=courier new]21 Years of Age x 525,600 = ‭11,037,600‬ [SUB]Life Minutes Used[/SUB]
41,522,400 - ‭11,037,600 = 30,484,800‬ [SUB]Life Minutes Remain[/SUB] [HR][/HR]
[FONT=times new roman]The Minutes of Life are always ticking down… [FONT=times new roman]The Death Clock cannot be stopped.
[INDENT=2][FONT=times new roman]You have lost 1 Life Minute reading this Creepy Pasta.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=3]30,484,799 Life Minutes Remain[/INDENT]

tick tock,
tick tock,
tick tock