The datasmith icon does not appear in 4.22.3

Hello to everyone. It’s again me. I’m trying to install datasmith on unreal engine studio. I’m following this tutorial :

I followed carefully each step discussed on the tutorial and more (I have also subscribed to the unreal studio beta,point not discussed on the tutorial),but at the top of the unreal engine 4 editor window I don't see the datasmith icon. But it should be there,according with the tutorial. I ve attached 3 pictures,to show you. Can some one explain to me what didn't work and why ? thanks.

this is the unreal editor window that I have on my side. as u can see there isn’t any datasmith icon.


this is the window of unreal engine 4 taken from the tutorial,that shows that the datasmith icon should be there.

Please try following steps 3, 4, and 5 in this linked article

Hi, I have the same problem, could you help me please

Which version of the engine are you using?