The darn crash!

the person next to me working on UE12 on a 3rd person game goes to world outliner, right-clicks on the Kill-Z volume, clicks on ether Jump to Event or Add New Event- and UE12 kicks her out of her game. The only blue print thing that has to do with the Kill-Z is an OnEventOverlap.
(I’m doing this because she doesn’t have a UE account and is she using a shared account.)
Now what?

he leaves friday


  • Please provide the logs from your project’s Saved->Logs folder after the crash occurs.
  • When the crash reporter window appears, please copy your Machine ID and ensure to hit Send & Close on the report.
  • Test your same setup in a clean project to see if you can get the crash to occur. If you can, please provide the full repro steps you followed so we can reproduce it on our end.

Thank you.

ok then
by the way, it happens whenever she trys to do ANYHING in blueprints

Once we have the above information we’ll be able to investigate further to determine what is causing the crash. It would also be helpful to have the dxdiag of the machine, so please provide that as well.

the repro steps are in the question

it’s fine for me!

the tech person came and just restarted the compuer and didn’t send the report

he didn’t let her send the report

I’ve tested the repro you’ve provided in your original question, but I’m not getting a crash. In order to investigate this issue, I will need the logs from the project’s Saved->Logs folder, as well as the dxdiag of the machine that is experiencing the crash.

Try the repro in a clean project as well and let me know if it occurs there.

i will as soon as the tech person lets me

he think’s it might be the computer’s problum
the problum dosent hapen to me

it’s fine when opens level blueprint
not from world outliner

Hey CMJones,

Unfortunately, without the logs, callstack, and dxdiag information we are at a standstill with this issue.

When you are able to provide the information I requested, please post a comment to re-open this issue and we can continue to investigate.

EDIT: Sounds like the issue is no longer occurring. Please re-open the thread if it continues to occur.

Have a great day

the tech person want’s her to delete level 2 (that’s where the problum is), re-make it, and then switch computers

i insted renamed the level to Level_2glitched and had her make a new level

it kicked her out again!!!

even though there was a different level 2 !!!

she went to a different computer and it kicked her out of the game again!!!

the tech person thought the game got corupted