The Dark Souls appreciation thread.. [Possible Spoilers]

Does anybody play this complete gem?

I’m still on my first playthrough around 60 hours later, struggling to keep the motivation to fight Seath, at least 10+ hours of that was spent in the Undead Parish trying to learn how to play the **** game, I kind of got lost as to what I had to do so started wikiing stuff, I still can’t believe how much I have left to go, I’ve killed none of the major bosses so far to progress to Gwyn, like, this game is insane.

And strangely pretty, despite being able to see all the polygons and old-looking textures that make it up, it all just works. Game design is incredible, I really get the feeling that a hella-lot of thought went into every individual item in this game.

What builds are people rocking? I’m still going with a trusty +10 Raw Halberd & Spider Shield at the moment, haven’t even touched on magic, that’s like another level of meta above the whole game…

I cheated like a son of a gun in dark souls 2. I really liked the melee combat system, but wasn’t too enthused about the spell casting system.

I enjoyed both of them, but I’ve played Dark Souls 2 a lot more than the first. It’s too bad they nerfed miracles to the ground :confused: I mostly stick with dual wielding greatswords.