The dark planet

Hi, We wanted to share with you, our alpha gameplay trailer of our project The Dark Planet. This started as a game jam entry last October and we have worked to develop it over the last year.
Any feedback would be appreciated.
We have just submitted to steam greenlight. If enjoy it check out our page. (Steam Community :: Error)

The Dark Planet is a stylized 3D adventure platformer with RPG elements which spans through a mystical forest to wintry mountains, across desert plains through crystal lit caverns and down ambient streams that flow to a landlocked ocean.
Explore this sunless planet and meet native species that inhabit these lands, help ward off of the ominous creatures that threaten their way of life, Collect items, uncover secrets and adventure to acquire abilities to endure all that confronts you.

Looks cool! I like it

Thanks, OptimisticMonkey. It’s been an intense first couple of days of Greenlight, I don’t think I have hit refresh more on a page more in my life haha If anyone in the community has any advice for an ongoing greenlight campaign we would love to hear it, We have been doing the obvious social media spots and greenlight threads but any advice would be amazing. Thanks all